Hi, and welcome to my awsome site! I hope you find what you need. Have fun!Hi I'm Stuart

I play as a mid fielder in soccer. I like to geo cache. I make toy cars out of brads and duct tape. My favorite computer games are poptropica and Runescape. My favorite books are The Lightning Thief, Artemis Fowl, and The Mysterious Benedict Society. I like to cliff jump. D&D is one of my favorite games. I love to run. I'm a champion at paper football. I've lived in Australia I can play A.F.L. and the digeridoo. I can also play the french horn. I want to be a movie director when I grow up. I want to go to college at BYU. This website is for creative kids, their brains and for a learning experience I hope you enjoy.

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my free rider tracks

hospital madness
-18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 1s 32 2k 4g 39 5o 40 76 4l 8h 5c a3 65 bo 6v di 7q fg 8g h0 95 ih 9s k4 ai ln b9 nc c1 p2 co qo dg sf e8 u7 f0 100 fp 11o gh 13i ha 15b i3 175 is 18v jl 1aq ke 1ck l7 1ef m0 1ga mp 1i6 nj 1k1 oc 1lt p6 1no pv 1pk qo 1rg ri 1tc sc 1v8 t5 214 tv 230 uo 24s vi 26o 10c 28k 115 2ag 11v 2cd 12o 2e9 13i 2g5 14d 2i2 15h 2jl 16t 2kq 18b 2lr 19q 2mq 1b8 2np 1cn 2oo 1ec 2p5 1g4 2p5 1hs 2p4 1jk 2p3 1ld 2p0 1n5 2oq 1ot 2oj 1ql 2oa 1sd 2o2 1u5 2np 1vt 2nf 21k 2n5 23c 2mr 254 2mh 26s 2m6 28k 2lr 2ab 2lg 2c1 2le 2dn 2m9 2fj 2nn 2hj 2pc 2jj 2r2 2lj 2sp 2nj 2uh 2pj 30a 2ri 323 2ti 33t 2vi 35o 31h 37i 33h 39e 35h 3b9 37g 3d5 39g 3f1 3bg 3gt 3df 3iq 3ff 3km 3hf 3mh 3jo 3nk 3ma 3oc 3or 3p4 3rc 3pq 3tv 3q2 40j 3q2 437 3q0 45s 3pu 48g 3ps 4b4 3po 4dn 3pg 4g9 3p0 4is 3oe 4le 3nr 4o0 3n8 4qi 3mk 4t4 3m0 4vm 3lb 528 3km 54q 3k1 57c 3jb 59u 3il 5ci 3i9 5f8 3i0 5hv 3hq 5km 3hl 5nd 3hf 5q5 3hn 5t6 3jf 5v9 3kr 61c 3m9 63f 3nn 65j 3p5 67m 3qk 69q 3s6 6c2 3tu 6ej 3vo 6h5 41i 6jn 43d 6m8 458 6oq 474 6rd 490 6u1 4at 70i 4cp 730 4em 75c 4gj 77o 4ig 7a4 4ke 7cf 4mb 7eq 4o8 7h0 4q6 7iv 4s3 7kr 4u0 7ml 4vu 7oe 51s 7q7 53q 7s0 55p 7tq 57n 7vj 59m 81c 5bl 835 5dk 84v 5fj 86o 5hi 88i 5jh 8ac 5lf 8c7 5na 8e3 5p4 8fv 5qt 8hs 5sl 8jp 5ub 8ln 5vv 8nk 61i 8ph 633 8re 64l 8tc 666 8v9 67n 916 692 940 6ad 96p 6bk 99i 6cp 9c9 6ds 9eu 6es 9hj 6fr 9k7 6gp 9mr 6hk 9pe 6i5 9rv 6if 9ue 6im a0p 6ir a33 6j0 a5b 6j4 a7h 6j7 a9i 6j9 abh 6ja adh 6jb aff 6ja ah6 6j1 aj7 6ie al7 6hq,aqv 6ih arj 6hv as6 6hb asm 6gj,aso 6gh at1 6fq atd 6f1,atd 6f3 atv 6eb,agq 6l2 ahp 6lk aio 6m5 al8 6nc ano 6op aq5 6qb ash 6s2 auq 6ts b12 6vq b38 71r b5e 73u b7m 75r ba0 76r bcb 77j bel 78c bgr 78r bih 77r bk4 76n blm 75i bn8 74d bp7 740 bs3 752 buv 766 c1r 77b c4n 78h c7l 7a2 c9t 7bi cch 7da cf5 7f2 chp 7gs ckd 7il cn0 7kg cpk 7mb cs7 7o6 cuq 7q1 d1d 7rq d41 7td d6m 7us d9c 80a dc2 81p deo 838 dhe 84n dk4 864 dmr 87d dpi 88j ds9 89q dv0 8b0 e1o 8c6 e4f 8dd e76 8ek e9t 8fq eck 8gq efc 8hl ei6 8ie el0 8j7 enq 8jv eqj 8kn ete 8le f07 8m4 f30 8mo f5n 8n9 f8d 8nq fb4 8oa fdr 8or fgi 8pb fj8 8ps flv 8qc fom 8qr frd 8rb fu3 8rr g0q 8sb g3h 8sq g67 8t9 g8u 8tp gbl 8u8 geb 8us gh1 8vu gjo 914 gme 929 gp5 938 grt 942 gun 94m h1l 957 h4l 95n h7l 967 ham 96n hdn 977 hgn 97o hjn 98i hmn 99i hpo 9ak hsp 9bm hvq 9cm i2r 9dg i5s 9e5 i8u 9eo ic1 9fa if4 9ft ii6 9gg il9 9h2,j08 9jt j1b 9ju j29 9k0 j3k 9k3 j59 9k6 j6q 9ka j8h 9ke,iun 9ld iu6 9m3 itl 9mp iso 9nr irm 9ov iqm 9pt ipj 9qt,ipn 9qo ipb 9q2 ioq 9p1 io9 9o1 ino 9n2 in8 9m5 imn 9lb ima 9kl ilu 9k2 il9 9kd ikr 9lc ikj 9mc ikc 9nb iks 9oc ile 9pa im2 9q8 in0 9r2 int 9rq iop 9sg ipi 9t5,iup 9li iv5 9md ive 9n6 iv7 9o4 iuu 9ov iuc 9pp ito 9qf ist 9r6 is6 9rp irc 9s9 iqk 9sm ipv 9t3,im1 9oc imi 9ok,imm 9o5 im8 9of,iu6 9lq itq 9m8 it4 9m2 isv 9mt it7 9nm isg 9nf irs 9n6 irg 9np ird 9of iqs 9ou iq6 9os ips 9pi iq1 9qa,imc 9k6 imv 9k6 inr 9k6 in6 9kf ins 9km inj 9la in3 9lm inp 9lq ioe 9lr iog 9mi iob 9n4 io7 9nj iou 9n3 ipi 9ml ipm 9n9 ipc 9no#idf 98d icr 9bl,ict 9bl i9c 9b3,i9c 9b3 i8t 9d0,i8r 9d4 ich 9dj,icm 9dj icb 9fg,icc 9fd ief 9fp ies 9dr igt 9e5,igq 9e3 ih2 9bv if5 9bg,if5 9bn ifa 9a1 ifd 993,ifg 995 ifg 985,ifd 98e idf 98f#S iq6 9lo,S ips 9jq,S io3 9j1,S imk 9h9,S ig9 9f3,O iuj 9lg,O ivo 9ke,O ivo 9ke,O ivq 9ke,O j0c 9js,O iut 9kt,O ius 9lb,O ius 9lb,O il2 9i2,O il2 9i2,O il2 9i2,O il4 9in,O ilg 9jg,O ilg 9jg,O ilg 9ji,O il9 9j3,O il7 9ic,O ikv 9hh,O ikv 9he,O ikt 9h9,O ikt 9h9,O ikt 9h9,O j0c 9in,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0a 9j8,O j0c 9j8,O j0c 9j8,O j09 9j8,O j07 9ja,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jb,O j0j 9jd,O j0j 9jd,O j0j 9jd,O j0k 9j3,O j0k 9j0,O j0k 9j0,O j0j 9j0,O j0f 9j8,O j0j 9jb,O j0k 9jb,O j0k 9jb,O j0m 9j8,O j10 9is,O j0t 9j5,O j0p 9jk,O j0h 9jg

cool track no1
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1g 1h 23 1s 2j 2b 3a 2o 3u 3l 4m 4m 5c 5l 65,4b 54 52 5m 5q 6i 6m 7l 7h 8f 8g 88 9d 7u,9d 7t aa 89 bg 99 cr at dv c9 f7 dq gh fe ht h5 j8 im kq jf mc jt nu k7 pi kd r4 kc sm k2 u8 jl vp j2 118 ia 132 i1 14s ig 16n j1 18k jl 1ah kb 1cf l2 1eb ls 1g6 mr 1i1 ns 1jq ov 1lk q5 1nd rb 1ok sb 1pm t9 1qq u8,1qf uu 1qr 103 1r7 116 1re 12c,1rn 14m 1sn 15i 1tn 162 1v0 16c 20i 16h 21u 16n 23a 16l 24l 16b 262 160 27h 15k 290 15a 2aq 165 2cl 178 2dv 184 2fd 199 2go 1ah 2i6 1bu 2jf 1d7 2ku 1e0 2ms 1el 2or 1fl 2qa 1h3 2rk 1id 2st 1jg 2u5 1kg 2vr 1lo 31i 1mv 337 1o4 34j 1nq 35v 1n4 37b 1m8 38o 1le 3a8 1kn 3bp 1k0 3d4 1ju 3eh 1k4 3fl 1ka 3gp 1kf 3i1 1l4 3j6 1lq 3k6 1m2 3l3 1m9 3ls 1me 3mi 1mh 3n7 1mb 3o1 1ms 3p0 1np 3q2 1ok 3r9 1ps 3sd 1r6 3tk 1sj 3us 1u4 407 1vo 41k 21e 42l 22m 43n 246 44i 25e 45a 26h 462 27q 46n 291 47g 2ab 48a 2bn 496 2d5 4a2 2em 4av 2g7 4bs 2hr 4cq 2ji 4dp 2lc 4eo 2n9 4ff 2oq 4g7 2qb 4gv 2rt 4hn 2th 4if 2v4 4j7 30p 4jv 32e 4kn 343 4lf 35p 4m8 37f 4n0 395 4np 3as 4oh 3cj 4pa 3ea 4q2 3g1 4qr 3hp 4rj 3jh 4sc 3l8 4t5 3n0 4tt 3oo 4um 3qh 4ve 3s9 507 3u1 510 3vp 51p 41i 52h 43a 53a 453 543 46r 54r 48k 55k 4aa 56b 4bu 572 4dh 57o 4f3 58d 4gk 593 4i4 59q 4js 5ac 4l9 5ar 4mf 5b9 4nm 5bl 4op 5c4 4ps 5cn 4r3 5da 4s9 5dv 4tl 5eh 4uq 5f7 4vr 5g0 50i 5gm 515 5hl 519 5ig 512 5j7 50r 5k5 508 5l7 4vj,20g 12d 21j 12d 22i 12e 23u 12d 258 12c,258 12c 26l 12b 27q 12a##

zip line
-18 1i 18 1i,2q 1s 38 2i 49 47 5q 68 7d 8c 91 ai al cq ca f5 ds gj fs h7 hv ho jj i4 l7 ig ms is oi j3 qc it s9 ik u7 i9 104 ht 122 hh 140 h4##T 35 3e,T 3d 3m,T 30 35,T 2p 2v,T 2k 2j

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