Hi Stuart! I really like your comics page. I think it would be cool if you created your own comic. I showed everyone a website that helps you make your own comic. It's www.bitstrips.com. Check it out! I'm sure you would be able to make one as good as any of these on the page. - Ms Haas
external image i080316marvin.jpgexternal image calvin1-757584.jpgexternal image calvin_and_hobbes-tickle_tickle_sajwan_dot_com.jpgexternal image Calvin%20and%20Hobbes%20on%20Modern%20threats.gifexternal image Calvin%20and%20Hobbes-2007.01.14.gifPhoto_291.jpgexternal image calvin_hobbes_pascals_wager_pascal_.jpgMarvin_20080422c-de.jpg